At Representaciones Marítimas, we provide a service that “has one point of entry, live information, personalized attention, and give you an overall solution to the services you require” – Services that are customized to our customers; sales people, exporters and importers, and in general the Mexican foreign trade. In order to deliver all these logistic services, we represent several maritime companies at a worldwide level, in the management of their cargo and maritime routes and the destinations assigned to each case.

Container shipping lines

We offer services from the far East to the ports of the Pacific including services of door-to-door, container yard/container yard (CY/CY), 20 or 40 FT containers, dry, reefer, and specialized equipment.

Dry Cargo and Break Bulk

We have the capacity to attend and transport all the products that are moved in bulk, such as minerals, agriculture and livestock, fertilizers, steel in all its forms, concentrates, coke, coal, and other products that are moved through the ports of Mexico.

Liquid Cargo

All types of liquid cargo, oil and its’ byproducts, chemicals, vegetable oils, palm oils, tallow, molasses, and other products that due to their specifications require transportation by tank ships.

Project Cargo, oversized and Heavy Lift

We have experience in moving all types of heavy and oversized cargo such as plants, reactors, windmill generators, industrial tanks, railroad equipment, train carriages, yachts/sailboats, and other cargo that require ships with high capacity cranes or broader specialization.

Special Projects

Be it cargo that requires coastal movement, importation/exportation, cattle carriers, platforms, or cargo that need a specialized ship or a specialized service as the rail ferry service. Additionally, we offer customized services for projects including transport from the origin to the final destination.

Multimodal and Intermodal Rail Services NAFTA/Cross Border

We offer transport of cargo in boxes, vans, platforms, flat cars, rail equipment, intermodal and multimodal both on national or international level.

At Representaciones Marítimas we take care of the whole logistic process. Through our very competent and professional staff we can offer our services as protective agents, cargo supervisors, and port agents. Moreover, we can offer our expertise in handling any type of logistics for project cargoes, general cargo as also brokering and chartering.