With over 130 years of experience, Representaciones Marítimas – MARTIMEX – REPMAR is Mexico’s principal ship agency and provider of port and maritime transportation services. Our values and traditions dates back to the end of the 19th century, and up until today, we have always been providing the knowledge, the technology, and the most qualified personnel in order to position ourselves as market leaders – this without ever losing our high quality and exceptional service. We put a high emphasis on our business processes but at the same time we are careful not to disregard the human values that a family driven company entails. Today, with the fourth generation of the family business, we keep servicing the international traders, charterers, and all the Mexican companies involved in foreign trade through our representation of many different shipping lines.

At Representaciones Marítimas we offer to transport a multitude of products such as; windmills, industrial plants, heavy equipment, yachts and launches, and project based cargo. Moreover, we provide support in the process of imports and exports for both smaller and larger companies, offering integrated services including freight, stevedoring, trucking, plus any additional service requested by our customers. We currently represent many different shipping companies and thus, we are able to offer a differentiated maritime transport with everything from agricultural bulks, mineral products, automobiles, petroleum and the products derived from it, to vegetable oils, molasses bulk tankers or containers. Additionally, we operate an innovative maritime-railway line between the ports of Mobile, Alabama and Coatzacoalcos, Mexico, which links together the railway network in the East of the United States and Canada with the southeast of Mexico. Finally, we offer door-to-door, port-to-port, and integral logistic solution packages.

To us, our most valuable asset is always our customers. This is why we strive to always give our customers our full attention and provide them with our knowledge and analysis in order to satisfy their needs of transportation – reducing time, cost, and distances both within Mexico as well as abroad. Our principal values are:

Efficiency, Professionalism, Honorability, Integrity, and Quality Service.


The things that sets us apart and defines us a market leader are:

  • Knowledge, fortitude, and service capacity, the product of more than a 130 years of experience attending to the interest of the Mexican foreign trade, traders, and shipping companies at an international level.

  • We have customized our software systems to fit our business and continuously monitor our processes, frequently updating these with new technologies.

  • We are the only maritime agency in Mexico who covers ALL logistic operations and needs, as we currently represent the most amplified portfolio of maritime shipping companies. Moreover, we have the biggest network of fully owned port offices covering the most important ports and maritime terminals in Mexico.

  • We offer our customers consultancy to efficiently solve their logistic needs and to give them a customized service. Moreover, we are the only agency continuously developing services that are not available in our area, which help reduce time and unite the different regions of Mexico.

We are members of the following associations: